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When I decided to get my Rocket painted, I had three major concerns.  First, what scheme should I use?  Two, what colors? Three, who should I have paint it?

I started out by having Scheme Designers draft me a dozen or so schemes.  I never really settled on one that I liked.  What I did get from them is the flowing lines from nose to tail that you see below.  When it came to colors, I found a hot rod that I liked at a local air fair/car show.  The builder of the car kindly provided me with the color codes.  On selecting the painter, I had settled on Bobby Potts at Tuscaloosa Interiors because he does great work, and because I wanted a base coat/clear coat system on my airplane.


So I threw all my schemes into my airplane and flew down to Tuscaloosa to talk to Bobby.  He kind of took what I gave him and then came up with some elements of the scheme on his own.  Overall, I am extremely happy with the scheme.



The flaming skull design was my idea.  First, I found a Harley Davidson shop that custom manufactured my cowling clips shown above.  I gave this design to Bobby and asked him if he could find an airbrush artist to put this design on the tail.  It turned out better than I had hoped.


Bobby also added the F1 Rocket words on the side of the fuselage for me.


I also asked him to paint my prop blades to match since the original blades where white, which I didn't care for.



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