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Proposed F1 panel

    Final Product

Ah, the instrument panel.  With maybe the exception of the paint scheme, no other part of the airplane allows the builder the opportunity to get so creative.  Opinions on what works and what doesn't are as varied as the weather.  Some folks just want it simple and functional.  Others want to dress it up and make it look like it came out of a Mercedes-Benz.  I like my panel to have a little pizzazz, but it has to remain functional and easy to use.  This is the panel from my RV-6.  It retains the standard instrument configuration but has a few details to dress it up a bit.  I added the recessed switch panels to the bottom of the panel and built the radio stack to stand out some, then trimmed it off with walnut.

Proposed F1 Panel

Below is my current plan for outfitting my F1 panel.  My design has changed a couple of times over the past year as the state of avionics keeps changing.  Although I plan to use the Rocket in VFR conditions, I want to be able to upgrade it to IFR capable without wasting too much money.  I plan to use two alternators and no vacuum system.  I also follow the wiring recommendations of Bob Nuckolls from his book "The Aeroelectric Connection".

The lighter shade of brown is supposed to be the color that I'm painting my interior. The dark brown is walnut trim that I am adding, similar to my RV-6 panel.               

Control Stick
          Flap Switch
          Aileron Trim
          Elevator Trim
          Autopilot disconnect

Left Panel
          Airspeed Indicator (backup to EFIS)
          Trim indicators
          Map box
          Fuel purge valve control cable

Center Panel
          GRT Horizon EFIS
          GRT Horizon Engine Monitor (backup EFIS display)

Right Panel
          Electric Artificial Horizon (backup to EFIS)
          IFR GPS/COMM with Approach (Garmin)
          Transponder (Garmin)
          Cabin Heat control

Final Product

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