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As scheduled, the rest of the airframe kit arrived via truck from Texas.  Many thanks to fellow builder John Wach from Chicago, who flew down to Texas and picked up both his and my kit and then drove all the way back.  For a small fee, he was willing to detour to Indianapolis on his way home to drop my kit off in my driveway.


So I could get John on his way quickly, I just crammed everything into the garage and buttoned things down for the night.  There is a lot of "stuff" to put away.


As you can see, every nook and cranny of the fuselage is used to pack away parts.  You are also provided with copious amounts of foam padding as well.  The whole airframe was very well packed in the truck and the kit made it through without so much as a scratch.


The next morning, I unpacked all the boxes and put all the parts away.  This also gave me a better opportunity to review the workmanship on all the parts.  I have to say that I am very happy with the quality of the work.  The only flaws that I could find initially were some rivets on the fuselage that were hit too much.  After a little work with a mallet and wood block I should be able to smooth out the skin.  The wings look great and all the control surfaces are finished better that I could probably do them.  I'm very happy.


I can now use the two large shelves along the back wall of my garage.  On the lover level, I stacked all the loose parts.  This is within easy reach so that I can rummage through them while I'm building.  The upper shelf is harder to reach and that's where I stored all the finished parts in the reverse order in which I think I will need them.

This is a big point in the project as the waiting is over and the concern about shipping the thing 1,100 miles is behind me.  Everything is all ready to go so let the serious building begin.

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