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Prior to starting my F1 Rocket Project, I built and flew a RV-6 and a Long-EZ.  The RV turned out to be a great traveling machine and I enjoyed a number of great cross-country trips in it.  On three of those trips, I took pictures and wrote a travelogue about my experiences.  Click on one of the links in the menu bar to the left to go right to a particular story.

I always enjoyed reading travel stories from other builders because it helped to motivate me on my project.  When I finished my RV I wanted to repay the favor by providing other builders with stories about the fun and excitement they could look forward to once they finish their project.  I hope that my "Never Again" story, along with my travelogues on Copperstate, Key West, and Canada help to repay that debt.


"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."
- St. Augustine