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   Twelve Oaks Aero Estates
The "REAL" boss around the shop

In this section you'll find a few odds and ends that I thought you might find interesting

Twelve Oaks Aero Estates

My home airport is Twelve Oaks Aero Estates (II87) in Martinsville, Indiana.  It is a lovely flying community with about 15 homes all on 5 acre wooded lots.  Our runway is 2,100' long by 40' wide, plenty for any RV or Rocket.  All the neighbors fly and everyone is pretty cool.  It's a nice quiet place away from the city.

The "REAL" Boss around the Shop

Here are a couple of pictures of the being that dominates our house.  His name is Tiger and he's got to be one of the greatest pets I've ever had.  We picked Tiger up as a kitten at the local shelter.  He's about a year old in these pictures (May 2002).  I know that there are people out there that either like cats or they don't like cats.  Well, this cat could change your mind.  I've never had a more personable cat ever.


First off, he's where you are.  He hates to be by himself.  He's always happy to see someone come home and he will flop down in the middle of your work until he gets the attention he thinks he deserves.  With that satisfied, he'll find a place nearby to stretch out.

He's also very tolerable of noise and even the rivet gun doesn't spook him.  Tiger's a joy to have around and he is great company.  He can usually be found following around my younger son Ross.  He's also been known to stake out a crawdad (crayfish) hole in the back yard and wait patiently for hours, although I don't think he's ever caught one.

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."
    - Seneca