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I've assembled a list of links to web sites that either contain products that I've used, or they have been useful to me on my project.  This is not a complete least by any means, but it's a start.  There are a couple of places out on the Internet that are "must visit" resources for the sport aviation builder because they can link you to just about anything and everything out there.

Must Visit Sites

www.vansairforce.net - Doug Reeves' excellent site of all things RV.  Tons of valuable links and home of the "RV of the Week" and "RV Builder of the Week".

www.edt.com/homewing/rhproject/ - Randall Henderson's site of his gorgeous RV-6.  His flying and travel pictures are breathtaking.  Sure makes you want to load the airplane and head up to the great Northwest.  Besides, he is a Randy too!

http://home.hiwaay.net/~sbuc/journal/ - Sam Buchanan's excellent site.  His was one of the first to document the building process from start to finish.  I've met Sam several times now at various fly-ins.  A real southern gentleman and his site is packed with valuable information.

www.sound.net/~hartmann/yelrpage.htm - Better known as the RV Yeller Pages.  This is Gary VanRemortel's extensive listing of sport aviation vendors complete with names, addresses, telephone numbers, and web sites.  This list is invaluable when you don't know where to find something.

http://epanelbuilder.com - This is the Experimental Panel Builder, a site so helpful that builder's everywhere rejoice when they find it.  Want to play "what if" games with your instrument panel?  Then this is the place.  Bill VonDane is to be commended for this excellent site.

Company Sites

www.teamrocketaircraft.com - The F1 Rocket mothership.

www.vansaircraft.com - The home of all RV's and to whom we all owe a debt of gratitude for reviving sport aviation in America.  Great place for parts.  No one is cheaper.

www.matronics.com - Host of the RV, Rocket, and Aeroelectric email lists.  A great resource for finding out how others have done it before you.  Post a question about whether you should prime your airplane or not and be amazed at how many "friends" you have all across the world.

http://registry.faa.gov - Reserve your "N" number online.  Great site.  Finally, your tax dollars at work for you..for real.

Vendor Sites for Components that I've used

www.andair.co.uk - Fuel system selectors, valves, gascolators, and filters.  High quality stuff and well made.

www.aerosportpower.com - THE place for aircraft engines.  No one builds them better than Bart.

www.aeroelectric.com - Don't know squat about wiring an airplane?  This is the place.  The Aeroelectric Connection is a must have book that explains it all.  Bob Nucholls is one of the most helpful people in the sport aviation community.

www.aircraftspruce.com - The largest and most comprehensive supplier of sport aviation parts.  Not always the cheapest, but they have the widest selection and their customer service has improved tremendously over the past 10 years.

www.averytools.com - A great place to order all the tools you need to complete your project.  All of Bob's tools are high quality and their service is excellent.  Have a problem?  No problem, they will make it right.

www.bandcspecialty.com - Some of the finest electrical equipment in the business.  Their alternators are superior to anything out there and will last as long as your airplane will.  Their electrical gear and oil filter adapters are excellent as well.  

www.gretzaero.com - Sells heated and non-heated chrome pitot tubes and mounting hardware.  Throw away that silly bent aluminum tube and get yourself a real pitot tube.

www.grtavionics.com - Home of Grand Rapids Technologies and the Horizon EFIS and engine monitor.  Neat stuff and I plan to use one of each in my Rocket.

www.periheliondesign.com - Small company that offers some neat electronics stuff for your experimental airplane.  I use their switch guards.

www.rayallencompany.com - Get parts and wire for your trim systems.  I've also used their stick grips.  Very nice stuff.

www.reiffpreheat.com - Home of the HotStrip crankcase heater.  A must have in the cold Midwest during the winter.  Also a fellow RV-4 builder.  

www.schemedesigners.com - Custom paint scheme providers.  They will provide you with complete drawing and renderings of your paint scheme.  They have provided the paint schemes for the previous two AOPA sweepstakes airplanes.

www.skybolt.com - The ONLY place I can find #4 countersunk screws and nut plates.  Why use the larger ones when something smaller and lighter will do?

www.sptpanel.com - Home of Superior Panel Technologies.  They have a bunch of neat stuff for your panel.  I use their switch covers.

www.theflightshop.com/clickbond/ - A company in Utah that sells and ships Clickbond fasteners.  Quick and friendly service.  They usually ship in the same day.

www.trutrakflightsystems.com - An excellent fully digital autopilot system with different price points for different users.  A quality unit that couples up to your GPS and Glideslope indicator for those IFR approaches down to minimums.

http://vondane.com/rv8a/landlightkit/index.htm - Bill VonDane's site.  He is a RV-8A builder and sells some nifty landing lights that fit inside the strobe cavity in the Rocket wing tips.

www.iwantarocket.com - Terri Jantzi's site.  Terry is a fellow RV-6 builder who now builds F1 Rockets.  He also sells a nifty tail wheel steering link which gets ride of those pesky tail wheel steering chains.

www.airtimemfg.com - The "coolest" airplane tie downs on the planet.  Made of titanium, they are light weight and come in their own storage bag in 17 different colors!

Other Rocket Builder's Web Sites

www.captainkaos.com - The name says it all, doesn't it?  He's from Australia so it figures.

www.geocities.com/F1_Rocketboy - This is Bob Gross' a.k.a the Cosmic Rocket site.

www.usi.edu/science/chemistry/vfrazier/page1.html - This is my friend and fellow Hoosier Vince Frazier's site.  Vince is a little crazy but we don't mind because he hosts some great fly-in cookouts down in Evansville, Indiana.

www.geocities.com/rocket_f1/rkt_main.html - Scot Stambough's site.

wnt.cc.utexas.edu/~jencole/index.htm - Thomas Linscomb's site.

http://mywebpages.comcast.net/wpt/tips.html - Collection of building tips maintained by builder Bill Tew.

www.f1rocketmen.com - Chuck Nuffer's and Rick Mentel's site.

If you are a Harmon or F1 Rocket builder and would like your site listed, please drop me a line.  I'd love to hear from you and to list your site here.

"Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life."

- Sandra Carey