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    Passenger Floor Panel

    Passenger Crotch Strap
    Mk. 2 Flap Installation

Passenger Floor Panel


I completed the passenger floor panels slightly different than the way the plans indicate.  First, I mounted the reinforcing angles per the plans up to but not past the cutouts.  Forward of the cutouts, I plan to install doors so that I can access the area underneath.  They are handy for storing a small tool set, spare quart of oil, and a oil filler tube.  I figure these are easier to access on the ramp than the rear baggage area.


First, I made a couple of door panels out of spare sheet aluminum.  I then traced the door openings on each panel and carefully cut out the openings.


Next I made a reinforcing ring and hinge for each panel.  The picture above shows the shape of these two parts.  They are made to allow the door to fully close and not leave any cutout showing around the hinge.  I then drilled, cleaned, and dimpled all the attaching holes.


The doors require stiffening up as they are a little flimsy around the edges.  I cut some spare bent angle into a square shape and riveted it to the back of the door panel.  I also installed a couple of Hartwell latches to the doors to hold everything shut.  I then riveted everything together and checked the panels to see how they fit in the airplane.  Everything looks good.  One safety note....I will need to install a closeout panel underneath the floor to prevent any item stored underneath the floor from sliding forward and possibly interfering with the aileron push tubes.


The center rear floor panel was installed per the plans.  I did drill some attach holes in this panel, but I wished I had not.  There are a couple of things that bolt to the floor like the crotch strap fitting, flap panel, and control system brace and I'm afraid the holes will not work out.  Oh well, I'm not going to remake the panel just for that.  I'll work on the crotch strap and the flaps and see if I have a problem.

Passenger Crotch Strap


I fabricated the crotch strap for the passenger's seat belt harness from the material provided.  I installed nut plates on the angles beneath the center section panel and installed it with the bolts and washers provided.

Mk. 2 Flap Installation


Since I'm working my way forward through the passenger compartment, I decided to install the flap system next.  This is the new Mk. 2 version of the flap system.  First step was to attach the flap bar using the hardware provided.


Next I bolted up the flap motor and attached the upper fitting to the end of the flap motor arm.  This was all installed per the instructions.  I did have a little trouble getting the upper attach fitting to move over into the center of the rib.  I had to enlarge the lower attach hole slightly to allow the motor to swing over.  I'm still afraid that it is not over far enough, but I guess I'll find out later, when I install a cover, whether I have enough clearance.

I finished up the installation for now by wiring up the harness using the quick disconnect fitting provided.  I put a rubber grommet in the bulkhead and ran the wires behind the bulkhead and into my wiring tube.  I operated the mechanism up and down a couple of times to ensure that nothing rubbed and that I had sufficient clearance from the rudder cable and fuselage reinforcing angle.


I had to give a little thought to how to install the dog house that covers the flap torque tube.  You have to assemble everything so that it can come apart again.  I decided to make the dog house an integral part of the rear center floor cover so that they would go on and come off in one piece.  I centered the dog house in the rear fuselage and drilled rivet holes into the center panel.  On the outboard wings of the dog house, I drilled three holes per side for screws to attach them to the left and right rear floor panels.  I then cut the center floor panel out so that it could go over the torque tube.

I'm not sure if that was the intended installation approach, but it worked for me.  Next, it's on to the passenger seat back.

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