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    EGT/CHT Probes
    Mount the Propeller

EGT/CHT Probes


I mounted my EGT probes about 1.5" below the exhaust flange and pointed the holes so they would clear everything else, but still stay tucked in close for cowl clearance.  I then split up the bundles and ran them between the cylinders and across the upper edge of the side baffles.  After making the electrical connections, I covered them with wire loom and secured them to the engine and the mount.


Here a shot of the right side of the engine.

Mount the Propeller


After a four month wait, my propeller finally arrived from Germany.  It took me a couple of days to get all the paperwork worked out with the importer, but Mark came to the rescue and freed it up.  I got the box to the hangar and opened it up to make sure everything was all right.  It was.  I ordered mine fully assembled from the factory.

With a little help from one of my RV friends, we bolted it up the the flange in short order.  The fiberglass spinner is supplied with all the cut outs and hardware so it was just a simple matter of screwing it all together.


After mounting, I checked the track of each blade.  They were in exact alignment with each other.  I also checked the spinner for any wobble and thankfully, found none.  It's a perfect fit.

The real test is how well the cowl lines up with the spinner.  It looks like Jim Wining's cowl tool was very accurate.  The alignment is excellent.  The only problem I have is that the space between the cowl and the spinner is not equal all the way around.  This is due to variations in the cowl ring, not the mounting procedure.  I don't know whether I will fix that or not.  I'll have to wait and see if it bugs me to look at.  For now, I plan to leave it alone.

That finishes the engine installation.

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