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Oil Pan

During my first season of driving, I managed to drag my oil pan on the ground a couple of times and it happened right where the oil pan drain plug sticks out the bottom.  This is an obvious problem that needs to be fixed.  On the left is my original pan that cam on the engine from The Engine Factory.  On the right is a heavier steel 7 quart racing pan from Canton.

Besides being heavier, it is also gives me one more inch of clearance as well.  This means that the pan is now higher than the transmission so clearance shouldn't be a problem.  This pan comes with a series of oil doors that keep all the oil from sloshing around.

The kit comes with a new oil pickup tube, dip stick, and is provisioned for my oil temperature probe.

The install was fairly straightforward although it was not easy to hold this heavy pan above my head while laying on my back.  I used my floor jack to hold it into position while I tightened down the bolts.

I had to route my dip stick over on the other side of my engine bay.  I made a simple polished bracket that I attached to my overflow tank bracket.  I now have another shiny knob in the engine compartment.  With this larger capacity oil pan, each oil change now costs me over $120 in synthetic Royal Purple oil!!

There are additional upgrades.  They can be found on the next page.