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  • LoneStar Classics - Home of the kit manufacturer in Fort Worth, Texas.  Brian is very responsive.  Where else does the owner answer the telephone?
  • LoneStar Builders Forum - Anyone can join.  Great place to chat with fellow builders and to get answers to build questions.
  • Club Cobra - Billed as the biggest, non-biased Cobra builder support site.  Not much LoneStar stuff on here but some interesting characters.  It's entertaining if nothing else.
  • Cobra Country - Good place to find Cobras for sale.  Also excellent book on how to select a Cobra kit.


  • The Engine Factory - Source for Ford crate engines, both small block and big block.  You can get many custom options specifically for the Cobra.  I purchased my engine here.

  • B2 Motorsports, LLC - Brent is the owner and is one of the most knowledgeable people I have encountered when it comes to drive train combinations.  You tell him how you intend to drive, and he will find the right combination for your motor.  His prices are very competitive as well.  I purchased my transmission, bell housing, clutch, and clutch fork from here.

  • Susquehanna Motorsports - Source for replacement headlights for the Cobra.  Lowest price I could find for the Hella HID 7" lights.  I purchased my HID Halogen Hella headlights from here.

  • JSC Speed - Import car part supplier with good prices.  I purchased my chrome puke tank from here.

  • The Tire Rack - Best prices on tires I could find.  I purchased my tires from here.

  • TCP Global - This is a custom auto paint store and they have everything you can think of.  They can even custom mix colors and put them in spray cans for you.  I bought custom mixed spray cans of color that match my car from here

  • Summit Racing - I'm not a big fan of theirs because they screwed me on some returns once, but sometimes they do have the lowest price.  I purchased replacement Hella horns, my instrument gauges, and numerous minor parts from here.

  • B & C Specialty - They supply electrical parts to the aviation community but they carry excellent, high quality parts.  No crap here.  I purchased a lot of my electrical components from them including connectors, tools, contactors, switches, etc.

  • Action Machine  - They build and ship quality custom drive shaft assemblies.  I purchased my drive shaft from here.


  • My Aviation Page - This is where you can see all the construction photos of my last airplane project.