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In this chapter, I want to share with you some of the mental and physical preparation necessary to "get ready" to begin the build.  I believe in as much preparation as possible so that the project can get off to a smooth and good start. 

The topics of Shop Setup and Kit Delivery are not covered in great detail because they are unique to each builder.  I'll just show you what I did.

The remaining three topics might be more valuable to you so I'll cover them in more detail.  They include establishing a vision for the build by writing a Build Specification document, Selecting a Vendor who can best meet your vision, and then mapping out a strategy for putting the car together, or a Construction Plan.  It is much more than just following the directions.  I hope to show you some things that can improve the quality of your car and maybe save a few bucks along the way.

I am very fortunate to have a huge airplane hangar attached to my house that I can use as my build space.  The door is an insulated electric bi-fold that is 16' high by 40' wide.  Natural light is provided by two windows and is supplemented with two Metal Halide light fixtures.  There are also three ceiling fans to help circulate the warm air in the winter.  The two windows to the right are from my Den, which overlooks the hangar.

The space is fully finished.  It is heated, has satellite HD TV, stereo from my iPod, shop sink with hot water, and a bathroom.  The nook area has almost 20' of built-in cabinets.  The floor is polished and sealed concrete with floor drains.

The far side of the space contains a lockable tool cabinet, storage space for parts, a microwave and refrigerator.  Now if I could just figure out how to get a Starbuck's latte machine built in, I'd REALLY be set.  I've cleaned out most of my remaining airplane parts so I'm ready for the delivery of the car kit.

One thing that is missing is a hydraulic lift.  I haven't decided yet whether to purchase one although most of the builders recommend it.  I might just wait until the kit arrives to make that decision.  There is a local company that sells them all over the world and they frequently have floor display models that they sell at a discount. 

I also have a number of construction tools that I know I will need but I plan to buy them as I go.  Since I haven't worked on cars much before, I don't yet own a lot of vehicle-specific tools.

  • 2-Ton Engine Hoist - I bought a cheap Chinese one from Harbor Freight.  For the few times it will be used, who cares.

  • Floor Jack - I got this for Christmas

  • Jack Stands - I got these for Christmas too

  • Impact Wrench and Sockets- Bought these on sale at Home Depot

I'm sure I'll need more but this is my initial list.  Other than that, I think I'm ready to start the build once the kit arrives.

On the next page, we'll go through the development of my build specification sheet.