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I admit up front that I'm not one to follow instructions very closely.  I read them and take them into consideration, but I usually modify them to fit my situation better.  Building the Lone Star will be no different,

My overall plan to construction is to pre-assemble the frame and body components up to the point where disassembly is still easy, then take it all apart for paint.  Then I will do the final assembly and details.  Now, I can't say for certain where that point is at because I don't know the kit that well, but I plan to avoid any installations like wiring and interior details until after paint.  I also plan to paint the body off the frame, rather than in a constructed state.  I know that this is more construction work but that's the plan.

As a result of these decisions, I did not order the frame components powder coated.  I left them in raw steel so I could drill the extra holes and make any needed changes without regard to messing up the powder coat.  Another reason for doing it this way is that I am planning on a custom color on the frame.  Lone Star only offers up Black and Silver.  That's not enough selection for me.  Since I already know the color of my car, and I've already painted the engine, transmission, and rear-end that color, I'm going to have a local shop custom powder coat my frame parts.

I expect my construction plans to change over time because I don't know what I don't know.  That means that once I get into the build more deeply, I'm likely to change my  mind on a number of the finer points.  We'll see.  At least I have a starting point established.

So to recap, I've defined what I want to build and why, determined who are the best vendors to get a majority of my parts from, picked up the kit, set up the shop, and established a plan of attack for getting the project completed.  I think the only thing left is to get started.  My established start date for construction is January 1, 2010.  That's enough "Getting Ready", now it's time build!