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At this point in the assembly, I am ready for upholstery. 

All the panels have been fitted and are ready for covering.

It's so nice to live in a small town.  My upholstery guy volunteered to come out to my shop on a Saturday with his crew and tools to install the carpet.  The other alternative was to trailer my car out to his shop and he was worried that the presence of the car would attract a lot of local interest.  He was concerned about too many people getting up close and personal with my new paint job.  They came out over two Saturdays and did a great job.

He re-covered the seats in a better leather and used Red thread as the trim.  I also installed my Simpson harnesses.  I had to special order these because they normally don't produce them in 2" wide belts because these are not track legal.  Fortunately, I have a Simpson Race Shop close by and I went there so they could personally put together just what I wanted.  I also purchased all the clips I needed to mount the belts to my frame mounts.

The final product.


Before installing electrical parts, I painted the inside of the panels with the same undercoating that I put on the underside of the body.  In this bay will go all the electrical gear: battery, contactor, ground bus, and Battery Brain.

This is everything installed except the battery strap.

Both sides are covered with some fiberglass covers which will get a leather cover as well.

Final result.

Let's go cruising!!!!