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   What's New?
  02/01/13 - Reformatted web page.


Welcome to the construction home page.  From here, you can link to any specific section of the construction you want, or you can follow the links at the bottom of the page to go through my notes from front to back.  I organized it this way so builders could hone in on a specific topic of interest without having to wade through all the pages.  I hope you find this convenient.

Note that the sequence of the build topics does not follow the same sequence as the Lone Star construction manual.  That is by design.  If you go back and review my construction plan, I intend to assemble to a point, disassemble and paint, then do final assembly.  Therefore, my sequence is different than the manual.  That also means that this section will only cover the construction process up to the point where I am ready to disassemble the parts for painting.  The remainder of the construction will be covered under the Final Assembly section.

Another note, if you want to see a high resolution version of the pictures in the story, just click on the picture.  Also remember that the fastener kit for the Lone Star comes with all the fasteners for all the options even if you didn't order that options, so you are going to have some leftover stuff.  That's good because you will find ways to use them.

 01-Assembly of Frame  03-Body to Frame Installation
     Upper/lower control arms      Front Suspension Cutouts
     Shocks      Emergency Brake Cutout
     Front Spindles      Wheel Alignment
     Front Brakes      Body to Frame
     Steering Rack      Cockpit Mounts
     Rear End      Front Mounts
     Fuel Tank      Rear Mounts
     Emergency Brake      Front Bumpers
     Brake Lines      Cowl Bar
     Fuel Line      Doors
     Clutch, bell housing, and transmission      Rear Bumpers
     Slave Cylinder      Side Pipes
     Engine install      Gas Cap
     Radiator      Roll Bar
     Steering Column
 02-Pre-Body Assembly      Hood
     Body Buck      Windshield
     Headlights      Trunk
     Running Lights      Battery
     Hood Scoop      Drive Shaft
     Floor Pans      Pedals
     Foot Box Expansion      Radiator Shroud
     Side Vents      Suspension Covers
     Brake Vents      Cooling Shroud
     Transmission Shroud
 99-Supplemental Documentation      Interior
     Build Specification
     Wiring Diagram