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Transmission Shroud

The last problem to solve in the front end is to fill the opening where the transmission cooler usually goes.  Since I don't need cooler, I want to fill he opening with something so you can't see the road through the opening.  This calls for another customized fiberglass shroud.  I first cut out plywood shapes that fit the front opening size.  I then cut a rear template slightly smaller so that the mould can be removed from the part once it is glassed.  I also shaped the blue foam at the right angle to match the inside lip of the body.  I then glued my two templates to the foam in horizontal alignment with one another.

Using my bargain basement hot wire tool, I cut away the excess foam to form the core of my mould.

Same as the radiator cowl, I covered the foam with body filler multiple times and once it was smooth, I painted it with three coats of white enamel and then some mould release agent.

Here is the finished part after it was removed from the mould.  Unfortunately, I had to destroy the mould to get the part free.  I think I glassed the part before the mould release agent was fully dry.  As a result, the part would not release from the glass the next day.  It was stuck real good so I'm sure my impatience was the cause.  Oh well, I'm probably not going to make another one anyway.

I fit the part to the body and as a result, I trimmed the front and back edges a couple of times until I got the fit I wanted.  I wanted the finished part to fit as close to the front cross member as I could while still giving me room to get the part on and off.  Once it was fit, I fabricated a couple of mounting clips that I then riveted to the rear edge of the shroud.

Here's a shot of the shroud bolted to the cross member, one on each side.  These two bolts are the only mounting clips holding the part to the body.  The front edge floats free and holds the grill mesh in place.

Here's a shot of the finished product.  It holds the mesh tight while providing a finished look.  Mission accomplished.

Next up is to complete some interior details, then the car can be disassembled and painted.  It's getting close.  The interior work begins on the next page.