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Brake Vents

When looking at the body, I decided that I wanted the brake vent openings to actually vent the brakes.  I don't care for that hollow look behind the front facade.  So the first step was to clean up the openings and to cut in the opening in the fender well.  In order to figure out how all this would fit together in final assembly, I re-installed the horns and horn brackets.

Using a paper cutout of the vent opening, I marked it on the inside of the fender wells and cut the openings.

I took careful measurements of the openings and the angle between them since they are not the same side to side.  I then built up a mold out of blue foam in the shape of the opening.  I made the mold about 1/4" larger all the way around so that it would go over the lip on the inside of the vent opening.  After the glass dried, I trimmed them to shape after dissolving the blue foam with lacquer thinner.

Here is the initial fit up.

After a few trims to the front edge of the part, I was able to mount the vent to the inner fender well with self tapping screws.

This is what it looks like from inside the radiator opening.  As you can see, the new part fits around the lip.  This provides the right amount of clamping pressure to hold in the vent screens.

Here is the finished product.

That finished up all the pre-body construction.  Back to the body-to-frame construction tasks.