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Welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web.  I'm your host and webmaster, Randy Pflanzer.  If you want to check out the construction details of my various projects, this is the right jumping off point.  Below, you can link to the construction logs for my F1 Rocket airplane, my 1966 Shelby 427SC Cobra, or my RV-12 ELSA airplane.  Click on the appropriate picture below to be connected to that particular web site.  I've also built a number of other airplanes, but I chose not to document those build logs.  I completed a Long-EZ airplane in 1989, a RV-6 airplane in 2001 and a second F1 EVO Rocket airplane in 2008.

I hope that you find my sites entertaining, informative, and helpful.  If you have any suggestions or comments about my site, I would appreciate hearing from you.  I should mention that the contents of all my web pages are intended for your enjoyment purposes only and are not intended to instruct or otherwise tell you how to build anything.  If you find something helpful that you eventually use on your own, it is by your decision only.  I do not profess to be an expert at anything other than baking my very own Strawberry/Amaretto cheesecake!

Finally a word about copyrights.  All the material on my site is copyrighted.  If you want to use it for your own use, go ahead.  If you plan to stick it somewhere on the Internet for others to use, or you plan to distribute the material in any way, I would appreciate it if you would ask for my permission before doing so.  I will usually grant my permission provided I am credited as the author.

Click on the appropriate picture below to go directly to the construction log for that project.  All three projects are finished and the logs take you through the complete construction process from start to finish.



My current plan is to use the RV12 ELSA to visit every state in the continental US and to write a travelogue about my adventure.  I'm calling it "My Tour of America".  Click on the map below to go directly to my travelogue.